Freedom in View

The means to freedom can become available to us. Part of this endowment is realizing that our state, while not permanent is established. We cannot escape where we are and what there is. Envisioning freedom includes accepting this hard fact. If we invest our being in ceaselessly moving towards this freedom then our cages themselves become fertile ground for expansion. Every obstacle and impediment can provide added momentum on such a path. It might be accurate to suggest that the ground has to be made part of the means. That is likely the hardest lesson to imbibe. When we look upon what we have got as fuel, then the blockages slowly unentangle and the road becomes increasingly smoother.

It might help to recall that the journey as well as the path are etched in space, element and substrate. In order to progress beyond any such circumscriptions, we must consider them carefully. With this looking and sitting with, what is within possible reach makes itself evident. And our reach is not only defined by what we are limited by but made accessible only because of it! While this may be so, our obstructions also teach us that disrespecting our current state does not lead to growth and that the appearance of limited freedom can deceive us into conferring finality in what is continuing process irrespective of environment or ambience.

We and our environment are thus limited change in motion and while at times equilibrium is achieved, the completion of the process lies not in charting the course but in reaching steady state, as it were. If we learn from current circumstances and then proceed to clear the way, the arrival of increasingly stable phases of balance are made real. The movement, however, carries on but the recollection of balance and perhaps equilibrium makes the means to lasting freedom increasingly inclusive.

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