Asking Why We Are!

Strange as it might sound, an exclusive focus on ourself isn’t the intent, it might actually be the content. This means that any thought about ourself is an exclusive focus, any thought! It is difficult to imagine how one might distance oneself from such a focus. Say, you were walking to board your daily train. Noticing a vehicle passing by is a discernment brought about by focusing on ourself first! And if something as innocuous as this is really an exclusive focus, pondering about what we are going to have for lunch is undoubtedly so. There is one bright corner to this line of argument though, that condemning such a focus is also the very same.

Why might such a train of thought be relevant? Because, managing something as destructive as ill-will or say avarice has to begin with similar reasoning. It is easy to censor or condemn greed or hate but doing something like that completely cuts short the dawning of the realization that even the desire for lunch is only slightly removed from more severe forms of exclusive focus.

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