Our usual way of thinking belies a basic flaw. That we are flesh and bone is undeniable. However, our considerations are a graver concern. When we equate what we are thinking, feeling and sensing with how we think we are, we compound our fixedness. The body as substrate is essentially static, no matter the complexity but the quality of our view doesn’t have to be so. It is likely not too far fetched to state that our moment to moment view determines where we will be and how. We can choose to cement our predicament by conferring the quality of cause or we can opt to remain uncertain.

A little bit of reflection reveals that evanescence is more ground than substance and even though flesh and bone houses, it is quality that perpetuates. If we are not careful, we risk caging our fixedness with as much ferocity as the gulf between the causeless and the caused is wide.

Grasping is never recourse. The primary element in what we hold on to is irrevocability, in definition and in supposed cause. That we seek to be ‘happy’ and prosperous is our making and in relegating what we think we are to such a cause, we mire our self permanently in a state that is false ground.

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