We have to be wary of prescribing too much for ourselves. That we have a body and a mind is bad enough as it is. If we start laying the groundwork for additional encumbrances, we punish ourselves. It might be seen as too frivolous to say that we ought to give up or negate what we have to work with. Apart from being disrespectful, such a stance is likely unhelpful. The arrival upon peace and ease despite pain is facilitated not by denial but by seeing that while there may not be resolution, there is clarity.

The vision to make sense of things likely comes with identifying that there is pain. If we keep doing this, we might chance upon the ability not to usurp pain but to be at peace with it. With this peace, there is the possibility of seeing that any design that is in place achieves fruition with cessation. There is joy in that.

When we take it upon ourselves to complete our journey, there is the bestowing to be able to pray for guidance and help. We ought not to take this endowment lightly for in a movement that is beset with challenges, we discover succour. Such solace is as vital as the movement is difficult to weather.

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