Both There and Not There

Some of us are perhaps aware of physical principles. It is known that the presence of any substance is relative. Relative to the observer and the observed. This means that the definite characteristics that we ascribe to phenomena are a factor of observation. The object of observation as well as the subject observing are likely dynamic ends within a spectrum. The existence of such a continuum is dependent on these nodes, as it were and the definition that is being conferred on any part of said continuum is variable.

The variance likely exists because in the fluctuations of any condition is the basis of any and all participating phenomena of the entire process of observance. What this implies is that the act of measurement is actually a fallacy! This is because any endpoints are purely relative and defined by variance and the nature of observation.

Our very structure confers this error upon us. It is possible that the viewing of variation is a fallout of constituent nature. If we happened to be formless or possess divergent form, we would probably see everything entirely differently and by consequence make up other ends or nodes. Essentially, what such a premise means is that all we are and see is simply fluctuation. Our constitution and our ambience is measured into existence. The real question is not who does the measuring but why there is variance and fluctuation.

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