The Pointlessness of Form

We think of form. And that is all we do. It is probably easy enough to understand that tangibility is fleeting. What we do not grasp is that the information residing because of form perceived is not really information or knowledge, it is actually residue. Consider this, wood is form and when it is ignited, it is not that form anymore but we persist in thinking of, recalling and perhaps even seeing this wood when there is only ash.

The permissiveness of any information is fleeting but this information likely has essence. Any form is passing information and not the essence. What does that mean? It means that what we see, touch, feel and hear is not actually the core. The energy of the core is not fleeting but the residua by its nature is as well as by import conveys fleetingness. That is perhaps why we get so entangled with form. We get confused between essence and manifestation and this confusion never leaves us. In fact, all form serves to remind us of this primary discrepancy. There is a likelihood that the very nature of what is manifest is to befuddle. Perhaps because we are meant to understand that essence has no form.

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