Definite Origins

Individually, we are a single consciousness. Our environment, ambience and constructions lay the ground for the reaching into principle origins which likely is a stream of pre-definition. What does that mean? It means that our being, singly and collectively has its origins beyond the distribution of probability. In as much as imagination allows, this might be viewed as a storehouse where the seeds, memory and sensorium are available for redistribution into definition. Does such a notion contradict reason? Not likely. When we look into sentience, we come across currents and fields of probability. The origin of probability is in basis an absence of delineation. Why is that? Because the chain of delineation is anchored to likelihood and consciousness is wholly insubstantial.

If we were to read awareness as primary, we would need to reach back into this chain and thence the approach into non-probability. If there were a field of non-probability, it would be a stream wherein all likelihoods are latent. Inadmissible as it appears, such a stream would likely be beyond the confines of any substrate whatsoever. That means this storehouse would be outside location of any kind!

How is this important? Simply because our origins foretell our course as individual consciousness. And the memories we create or the sensorium we inhabit has as its currency, the actions we call upon. Actions are our doing and if we were to ignore our origins, we would risk consequences that are repeatedly apparent and without ending.

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