The belief that we are individuals doesn’t necessarily have to be a good thing. Humankind monger the self and value personal identity. In truth, nothing is personal. We are all part of a movement, and it is one movement. This space is not inherently compartmentalized into me and you or this and that. As a species, our awareness is very limited and we derive solace from what little we think we are observing and working with. Other creatures harbor no such divisions and live as one with what is around them, beckoning not identity but union and flow.

A little bit of reflection reveals that the edifice of personhood is deeply flawed. It creates division and separation. We can easily carry out any function we need to and still be commonly aware and unitedly placed amidst everything that exists. Elements call upon movement, not structure. One molecule is part of the process of a matrix and not a unitary entity. Its existence is that of the operation of the system while the scaffolding is evanescent. Like water, the process flows into order and individual parts and discrete units are an illusion. The flowing into being works to unearth the error of the particular and heralds unified basis.

Such a basis is that of one patterning of which the hues are a sharing of common expression. They belong to no one or thing and adhere to no boundaries. In being within such a canvas, each one of us is like the wind and the water, freely mingling and bearing no separation.

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