Effective Deliberation: One Way Forward

Having broached the topic of Rightful Mental Activity, it behooves us to consider further, mechanisms and implications. What, we might ask, ought to be our approach for attempting to engage in RMA? Sitting with happenstance without commentary or the desire to intervene doesn’t have to be inordinately difficult. While we have to measure and act at times, we can just be at others. This effectively means that the decision to act is the primary turning point.

When we say to ourselves that ‘this’ is one thing or the other, we set in motion the drive for action. That means, not the interactions but the apex of our cogitations needs identification. Put simply, we delve but don’t dig, we uncover but don’t mark. Such a thing might be thought of as impossible, but it need not be.

Say, we desire clothes. RMA would mean looking at our desire and putative choices. It would mean considering the urge or the pacification, the reasons and the discussion. But it would not be finally ‘this’. When we converge on credence, we highlight ourselves. And when that happens, action recurs. Identifying the center is locating the apex. And even the sum is ‘this’.

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