Developing Strength…

When we see that our journey’s are long and hard, we are apt to take recourse in things that convolute movement. Often, and with the proper aids, a major movement is a barely perceptible shift. It stays with us permanently, unlike what appears to be significant, but actually isn’t. As has been repeated many times in our posts, what we assume to be relevant and accurately reflecting reality is no more than a little bit of noise. Perhaps, we ought to learn that the dataset we work with has to be acquired in a vacuum. Much of what we are faced with are but some ornamentation. Our real movement comes with appreciating that awareness and sensitivity are not of the nature of tangible substance and that the absence of markings is as important as what we can lay our hands upon.

This means that what we do not know impacts us. And the strange thing is that when we become subtly aware, what is barely registered takes on the shape of modifiable substance. We are offered the chance to either make amends or bludgeon ahead. It is up to us. Strength is arrived at, not with assurance but with the sitting with uncertainty. We have to remember that there is never any certainty, and that the assuaging of uncertainty is the only security we can muster.

Amidst the flurry of everything that keeps us busy, we should chalk out some moments to reflect upon the possibility that all that we take recourse in, could be falsity. That what we perceive and modify is so because we are incredibly limited. With such a nature of reflection, we might alight upon ground that is endless. This movement doesn’t come about with machination and what we think we know. In approaching immensity, there is the breaking apart of everything. And only with repeated endings do we begin to move in the realm of what we cannot even imagine!

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