Inhabiting the State of ‘No Measure’

Given the impermanence of everything we can acquire, possess or hold dear, we might at times ask ourselves what it is we can actually hold on to. We might think we can take recourse in the notion of god or perhaps their absence. Some reflection will reveal that we cannot do so. Why? Principally because in attempting such a thing, we invariably look at ourselves. The magnitude that might be the absolute is just beyond comprehension or imagination. If we assume we can see or understand this magnitude, we are being immensely arrogant. And in this arrogance, we chance not upon the absolute but revisit our Self.

Perhaps what we can attempt is letting go of dispositions, completely. It goes without saying that our notion of god is also a disposition, as is our emphasis on whatever means we derive a sense of security or certainty from. Life, existence, perception, stimuli and conditions are all polarization in the ground of ‘no measure’. Mistaking this basic ground to be disposition is ignorance. When we begin to see this, we can begin to leave all polarization. In realizing that any form of measure is disposition, we start to approach no measure.

When we are in a state of rest from measure and hence polarization, we inhabit the state of ‘no measure’. That means, we cease cultivating. Any thoughts, feelings or sensations that come up are seen to be cause for ferment and we try and access pre-reflection. A non-conceptual acceptance of all that arises, abides and ceases leaves us with a space that is free of polarization, albeit transiently. However, we can try and create this space irrespective of our activities, emphases and predilections. While doing so takes effort and practice, we might find that before long, we can abide in just being.

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