Seeking Comfort…

Every moment that we are aware, we view person’s and phenomena from the perspective of the self. Such a perspective is not freeing. Even though we might think that it is up to us to do things and acquire comfort or resolution, there is a basic flaw inherent in this sort of lens. For resolution to come about, there has to be firm conviction that any and all outcomes are always beyond any kind of control. The moment ‘we’ are aware, outcomes become premeditated and any dictation carries forward loaded with natures and expectations. So not only do ‘we’ feel uncomfortable, ‘we’ assume that comfort is good, in our control and desirable.

Therefore, with each and every thought, event and act, we entrench the conviction that we are meant to determine and pursue specific outcomes. Does this mean we cannot and should not do anything? When such a question crops up, perhaps it is sensible to reframe our lens a bit. We can do this by changing the purpose of the questioning, even if for a little while. ‘Who’ wants to do a certain thing? Who will be affected by doing this thing? Who will feel good or bad? When this is done, it becomes possible to cast a view on intentions and motivations, if possible without agency and by doing so, there dawns clarity on how swayed one is by self grasping.

And awareness is agency. By reframing in this manner, we come to see that outcomes acquire emphasis based on certainty of our origins. Can we ever be sure of that? Is the view that “I” am such and such anything more than mere supposition? When there is superimposition of other factors on what is mere supposition, we embed the flaw alluded to above.

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