Point of View

When we think or feel or act, we do so willingly. Each one of us chooses to sense or at least give it credence. In that choice, we are all the same no matter who we think we are, or how and where. Whether we know it or not, our awareness is open to our choosing. If we opt to rely on what we think we sense or align with, we abrogate this open-endedness. However, this might not be such a bad thing because we can also choose to not allow traction for sense-awareness. This is not a forceful coercion but a willingness to adopt a position of possibility. With possibility comes the knowing of ending. Cessation is the only real possibility, everything else is uncertain. Thus ending comes into being.

From the point of view of notions, nothing whatsoever has any beginning and everything is nothingness. Such a stance could be adopted much as successfully as seeing and touching a table or a teapot. The substance is in the awareness, not in the object. And this awareness could be seen as beginningless and completely insubstantial. Therefore, from the point of view of this absence, all of ‘this’ is nothing. It is easy perhaps to see that all will be nothing but to see that all of this is nothing is likely a more accurate deliberation.

Whichever way one looks at it, this conclusion is actually the only possibility.

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