Sights and Sounds

We are built to assess and interpret. The circumstances we find ourselves in often provide the chance to modulate how we do this. If we are swayed by appearances, we fail to estimate the value that any happenstance can confer upon us. If we measure whatever is happening from the viewpoint of the self, our search and our journey becomes limited. What this means is that when we perceive things, we could choose to assess whatever is appearing relative to ourselves or we could suspend this intrinsic predisposition. In doing so, we begin to access the possibility of widening our ambit. Such a thing is not without apparent risk to our sensibilities but looking beyond the self bestows definition as well as meaning on matter that otherwise completely escapes view.

Depending on how deeply our inclinations and idiosyncrasies are embedded, we can either tolerate or appreciate or we can circumvent the choice to evaluate. When we cease measuring, all possibilities open up, including that of increasing pain. But with this not measuring comes slowly the ability to look beyond ourselves and with that the possibility of the dilution of pain and distress. This development might enhance our sensitivity to everything that happens to occur but if we remember to encompass all that is happening with the same not measuring, we are presented with the chances to slowly move in a direction that while completely uncertain, is increasingly fulfilling.

Perhaps, along this trajectory there comes a point beyond which there is no looking back at all. And we are literally hurled into the unknown. But this unknown or absence contains within it, the signposts that we are able to recognize as proof that we are headed in the proper direction. The ability to find these markers has to be continuously grown and cultivated. It is never easy to do this but despite the difficulties, the path is made clear. All this starts with the simple wish to at least at times look beyond ourselves and what is apparent relative to ourselves.

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