Contemplation Methods

The Return of Pain

There is no resolving pain. Hard as that sounds, it doesn’t have to be reason for melancholy. We have to ask ourselves which is better. Warding off that which is distressing or allowing it to occupy our psyche. It might be also be prudent to state that allowing it for our own sakes is likely not as …

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Sights and Sounds

We are built to assess and interpret. The circumstances we find ourselves in often provide the chance to modulate how we do this. If we are swayed by appearances, we fail to estimate the value that any happenstance can confer upon us. If we measure whatever is happening from the viewpoint of the self, our …

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Why start a contemplative practice?

Why start a contemplative practice? If you are reading this, you have asked yourself this very question or something similar. Perhaps you have thought about starting meditation or finding out about mindfulness. At contemplative, we prefer the term contemplative practice. Meditation means different things to different people and is often offered as a magic trick …

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