The Return of Pain

There is no resolving pain. Hard as that sounds, it doesn’t have to be reason for melancholy.

We have to ask ourselves which is better. Warding off that which is distressing or allowing it to occupy our psyche. It might be also be prudent to state that allowing it for our own sakes is likely not as wholesome as caring enough to not let it seep into the milieu of our loved ones. In that way, we gently allow it in as well as work to not let it express itself as unique to us. What does that mean? It means identifying that pain is a shared responsibility. In presenting itself and inhabiting others, and us.

This means that we do not fight it for our own sake. We benefit if we work towards minimizing the intensity of what it does to us, as in all those who are in our circle of influence. Simply put, we share its inevitable presence so that we might transform ourselves and everyone who is subject to it in such a manner that we can confer meaning and perhaps value to our actions.

There is no getting away from the reach of pain. One way or the other, each one of us has to process the absence of an unremarkable way of being whenever this comes about. And come about it will. Not because it is deprivation but because the deficit of its incumbency has to be shared.

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