Creating Time…

We might think our minds fathom and bodies do. However, it bodes well to remember that we cannot dissociate our actions from the way we are feeling, sensing or thinking. Our progression in the unfolding of time embeds us within it. Our form, which includes mental form not only interfaces with but embeds within this unfolding. There is a likelihood that the only way to relieve ourselves of this unceasing movement is to not have any expectations other than the participation in, and facilitation of compassionate being.

Mostly, this means not interfering in the progression of the movement of others, unless we can shed light on the process alluded to. This really means being completely still and quiet lest we contribute to the creation of time in others and ourselves. In engaging with the facilitation of compassionate being, we might opt to preserve integrity and the prudent management of resources for ourselves and more. This perhaps is the only path we can follow to unentangle ourselves from the march of time.

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