The Truth of Perturbation

Perturbation is a fact of the circumscription of essential magnitude. This means that immensity confers its property even within the inevitable decay of proportion. In that manner probability fields are downstream to freedom from probability. Considered in a simpler fashion, this implies that the process of involution is at one end of the trajectory that relays information from higher order systems.

Putting all this in a more mundane context, consider stimulus for instance. When the origin of a stimulus is within common ground, the perception of this stimulus by a participant might confer an exclusive focus on herself. This means that a field that is larger relays impact that is global within a smaller one. Say you are sitting comfortably in your room sipping tea. You hear your neighbour shutting their door. This brings in a lot of fear that they might be coming to complain about your water tank leaking. Whereas a passing car does not incite any such perception! So, stimulus that originates within common ground might cause an exclusive focus on ourselves. The implication is that while both stimuli are outside our influence, one generates exclusive focus while the other does not. The one that incites this focus is part of a higher order field while the other is not.

An exclusive focus on ourself is a property that is global, pervasive and far reaching and might be the rendering of largeness albeit within a smaller order system, thus perturbation. The circumscription of magnitude might be viewed as a development or perhaps the process of involution. Whichever way we look at it, whether it is from flow to turbulence or from no measure to measure, the condition of perturbation is a constant.

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