Insight and Its Ramifications

Knowing something is often enough. For all our security mongering activities, it might even be appropriate. For instance, when we have hunger, it is proper to know which foodstuff will not harm us. However, when it comes to understanding the effects of our knowledge, mere knowing is probably not enough. The effects of knowledge and information are ever present. And influence not only how we are but who we are. Information dictates how we act, but it tells us nothing about the ramifications of the absence of its definition. This deficit is likely what determines the real effect of any information.

Say for example, we seem to know, understand and act upon the information that we should eat at regular intervals. This information while apparently complete, fails to encompass the possibility that not needing to eat at regular intervals might also be true. What does that mean? It means that our prerogative is based on bias almost all the time, if not all the time. This bias likely does more harm, the more complete and accurate the information seems to be.

What are we to do then? We treat any information as rungs on a ladder. The rungs help us get a foothold but the destination is inhabited without them.

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