How we are meant to be is always open to question. However, it is important to remember that affairs never end. What we need to occupy ourselves with ought not to affect our freedom. This freedom includes the willingness to cease and relinquish. To be grateful for our run and to not ask for more. Such a happenstance arises when we accept that our designs and our proclivities don’t do much except entrench our penchant for endless activity. Every once in a while, it helps to recall that any design brings forth more foreboding and increased torment.

Being without occupation allows us to give in to whatever might be unfolding, even if that means distress and suffering. This is not defeat, it is patience, and patience lets us negotiate shortcomings and frustration and generates the ability to accept that there really is no more. Fancy and wishing and hope create a lot of formations, the kind of which keep us eternally dissatisfied and forever seeking. While this mindset might not be suitable for those who are young, for those who have many years behind them, it is a fresh avenue for renewed learning.

This learning only comes about when we are without occupation and needless activity, and are open to calling into question our ending. Such a thing might very well be the most important thing to do and we should always be willing to create the time and space for cultivating cessation. Not because it is inevitable and we have to but because that is the only way of being that reflects the order of assured dissolution.

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