The Path Forward

The notion that wellbeing is free of pain and suffering is inaccurate. How we sense endlessly changes. There is always the possibility that what might be seen as favorable is sensed as painful. This means that as we negotiate our lives, we ought to give equal credence to pain as well as the absence of it. This doesn’t mean that the desire for freedom from pain is unwarranted. Rather, it means that the progression of our time will inevitably be punctuated by phases of pain as well as freedom from it.

It is likely that we have no choice but to inhabit the design that is unfolding. The possibility that this unfolding is ceaseless is very real. The range of being has to be seen through, irrespective of what we think we have or can establish.

We can take heart that it is not pleasure but the absence of pain that is arrived at every once in a while. At such times, we ought to consider garnering strength and a little bit of comfort so that we can carry on. That is recovery and preparation.

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