Being Possibility…

That we view ourselves and everything within and around as marks amenable to modification need not be the sole abstraction to take recourse in. If we consider the absence of delineation when it comes to matters of origin and dissolution, we might be pressed to reevaluate the notions of substance or cause and effect. Cause could be seen to arise as quality and not as quantity. As we are apt to indicate, measure emerges, it doesn’t ‘exist’. Taken in this manner, the sole thing that defines substance is appraisal. Content is merely a static representation of the stream of appraisal. 

As mentioned, this stream itself emerges from perhaps the trickling of the quality of proportion of a system beyond measure or comprehension. There is a likelihood that this proportion is that of possibility. A mirror is of a different order to what it reflects. In that way, a mirror makes possible the measure of what seemingly exists. From our point of view, the reflections are not real but if we thought about it the mirror veritably creates everything that is visible in it, all the while being within and without the field of what is there! 

All this need not be limited to just a thought exercise. If we focused on the quality of possibility of all that is there, we might begin to wonder what else might be. And start to consider that all we deem complete in characterization, are just renderings of possibility and forever expanding. 

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