Preparing for the Unknown

Certainty isn’t all it’s made out to be. Developing the knack to inhabit the psyche without parameters is more useful than relying on what is familiar. However, heading into the unknown is fueled by what is known. That being said, what is unfamiliar is more information laden than usually apparent. In dealing with uncertainty, we get the opportunity to visit nascence. Nascence is a fresh beginning as opposed to novelty which simply gratifies. Fresh beginnings can be hard and we are thrown into barren ground without signposts or standards.

Every moment, emphases notwithstanding might be a venturing if we are willing to stumble and perhaps even crawl. This means being raw all the time and being prepared to stop. A stop in nascence isn’t irrevocable, it is vantage. This viewing unravels fixity and is conducted from within vulnerability. Much like an infant seeking comfort, we extend a step, unsure and hesitant but with courage. Not desperation but because we aspire to new learning. And learning is always a risk, simply because it reassigns our bearings and our vision.

We ought to ask which is wholesome? Hurting and learning or being blind. Part of readying for the unknown is also giving in to insecurity, and taking recourse in that which is soothing. Doing this is like preparing to brave the elements and such a thing can only be effectively done from within shelter. As we take the first few steps, we face fear and we have serious concerns but the momentum of learning fulfills.

How is all this important? Because, everything we can do is actually unknown, much like death, even brushing our teeth! How can we be certain that we will not get injured or lose a tooth? Viewing even supposedly mundane things in this manner accurately approximates the predicament we actually are in. We can never be sure that we will not stumble and fall, irrespective of age or lineage. In that way, there is only the unknown and we have to be ready.

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